Industry Report May 2019

The domestic production of vehicles was 30,280 units and it recorded a fall of 0.05% compared to April and of 35.3% in relation to the same month last year.

Exports stood at 21,834 units and showed a 6.3% increase compared to April and 1.9% more compared to May 2018.

Sales to dealers were 27,947 units, 1.8% less than the previous month and 63.1% below its comparison to the same period last year.

With an average of 21 working days of production, the automotive terminals reached a production of 30,280 vehicles, 0.05% less than April and 35.3% below the volume recorded in the same month last year when 46,835 units were produced.

Thus, between January and May, the automotive sector recorded 137,266 units produced, 32.5% less than the 203,235 units that were manufactured in the same period of 2018.

Continuing with the analysis of the data for May, the automotive terminals exported 21,834 units, 6.3% more than the previous month and 1.9% more compared to the 21,431 units exported in May last year.

For the first five months, 90,285 vehicles were exported, 8.5% less than the 98,676 shipped to various markets in the same period of 2018.

After the first five months of the year, the behaviour of the main industrial variables continues in negative signs. In this regard, and stressing firstly the production and export pillar, the president of the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA), Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa, noted that, "in order to reactivate the sectoral activity initially from demand, we have launched and accompanied the "0km June Plan". We understand that, in the current context, it is important to have a plan to improve the activity. While it is premature to estimate its result, we understand that it will allow us to generate a change in expectations and consequently a greater circulation through the sales rooms and to improve the volumes".

In this context, the executive indicated that these measures are in addition to other actions that have been implemented such as raising export refunds or reducing import tariffs for a defined list of non-locally produced auto parts. "We hope that these measures will allow reversing the negative trend when comparing the activity with the year-on-year basis."

Finally, in relation to wholesale sales, in May 27,947 vehicles were marketed to the network, 1.8% less than the 28,469 sold in April and 63.1% below the performance in May last year when 75,754 units were delivered to the network.

With a total of 150,566 units marketed between January and May, the sector recorded a year-on-year decline of 58.9% as regards total sales.

Press 06/05/19

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