Industry Report June 2017

In June, the national production of vehicles was 45,496 units, 0.5% more compared to the previous May and 9.2% over its comparison with the same month last year.

The sector exported 19,701 vehicles, which means, 1.3% less than the volume of the previous month, and it improved 36.1% compared to the performance of June 2016.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 80,172 units, volume that was placed 0.8% over the previous month, and reported a 26.9% progress when compared with the performance of June last year.

With an average of 21 working days, the automotive terminals produced 45,496 vehicles (cars and utility vehicles), which means, they recorded a 0.5% improvement related to last May when 45,273 units were produced and recorded a raise of 9.2% in relation to the performance of June 2016 when the production was 41,655 vehicles.

Between January and June, the sector produced a total of 219,404 units, 2.1% less than the 224,038 units that were produced in the first six months of the previous year.

Continuing with the data recorded in the sixth month of 2017, the automotive makers exported 19,701 vehicles among cars and light vehicles, reflecting a 1.3% drop compared to the volume exported last May, and an improvement of 36.1% if compared to the 14,472 units which were exported in June of the previous year.

For the first semester, the terminals exported a total of 98,421 units, which means, 11% over the volume that was recorded in the same period of 2016.

In this regard, Joachim Maier, president of ADEFA, highlighted the improvement which Brazil has been registering, the main destination of national vehicles. "The conservative behavior of the last two months seems to mark a favorable trend with respect to the demand of the neighbor country. That has had a positive lecture in our production and export volumes in that period”. The executive said.

In this context, Maier highlighted the progress in the working groups convened by the Ministry of Production and which bring together all the links of the value chain of both the private and public sectors. "By working together, we continue to concentrate on the analysis to implement improvements in the promotion of investments, competitiveness and international insertion for the sustainability of our industry", said the head of the Association.

Finally, in wholesale sales the report reflects that in June 80,172 units were marketed to the dealer network, which means, 0.8% over the 79,521 units sold in May with a progress of 26.9% if compared with the 63,192 units marketed in the same month last year.

In the first six months, the wholesale sales accumulated 414,872 units and thus registered an increase of 19.8% in comparison with the sales recorded in the same period of the previous year.

Press 07/05/2017

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